Utility Warehouse : a business and income you can be proud of

the income opportunity of a lifetime

Alan Burman

What are you looking for…

  • An opportunity to earn an additional income?
  • A way to retire early and escape “the rat race”?
  • Perhaps something you can do alongside your other commitments such as job or family?
  • Maybe something that rewards you with much, much more for your time and effort?
  • An income opportunity that allows you to feel good helping others?
  • A means of earning more and keeping you active post retirement?
  • A better lifestyle?

We offer…

A new way of working that is changing lives…

  • Be your own boss
  • Set your own income goals
  • Choose the hours you work
  • A totally equal opportunity
  • Free training and support
  • Own your own business

… which offers Financial Independence…

  • Highly rewarded
  • Car plan
  • House purchase plan
  • Security of income

… Freedom…

  • No stock to buy or sell
  • Work where you choose
  • Part-time or full-time
  • Take holidays when you choose
  • Work with people you choose to work with
  • The free time to live your life

… and Personal Fulfilment

  • Achieve your true potential
  • Success
  • Learn new skills
  • Satisfaction
  • Recognition
  • A better lifestyle

Why smart incomes?

Most people exchange a working hour for a fixed amount of money. The more hours we work the more we earn. There are a few who also get paid a passive income or royalty for their endeavours, best-selling authors and songwriters, for instance. They do something once and get paid over and over again. What if you could get paid both an initial sum and an on-going passive income from your endeavours but without needing any special skills or talents? That’s how our home-based business pays you. Welcome to Smart Incomes.

We can help you

The Utility Warehouse business opportunity has already given many people the chance to realise their dreams and ambitions. Whether that has been to earn an extra few hundred pounds spending money every month; for some it’s been to replace their full-time income but from part-time hours giving them more free time with their family or for leisure; and for a few it’s been to earn much more than any job would ever pay them, creating their dream lifestyle.

Interestingly, these people have come from all walks of life, backgrounds, abilities, age groups etc. So why not you?

What do we do?

We simply show people how they can reduce the costs of running their homes using the services provided by the Utility Warehouse discount club. Everyone in the UK is already using these services but probably paying more than they need to. They save money and you earn money – a simple win-win!

We’ll train you, support you, encourage you and help you  – you provide your time and effort, your enthusiasm and desire as well as your determination to succeed.

What next?

If the Utility Warehouse business opportunity sounds of interest to you, click here to visit the Utility Warehouse business opportunity website. If you would also like to see the services offered, please click here to visit the Utility Warehouse customer website.

Then fill in the form to let me know you’d like to understand more about our business and how it could benefit you. We’ll have a short, informal interview on the phone, then depending on the size of business you want to build and the rate you want your income to grow, I’ll get you the appropriate information without obligation.

If you would like to become a customer, please fill in the form and let me know when I call you, I’ll be happy to help you.

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